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Connect Four

As part of the Object-Oriented Programming module, I got the chance to relive my childhood by recreating the Connect-Four game in Java. Initially, I thought the most challenging part would be grasping the object-oriented aspects of programming. However, the real test turned out to be the endless playtesting of the Connect-Four game itself!

I also took great pleasure in navigating the sometimes-clunky GUI to deliver a more enjoyable user experience for the game.

Alpine Bikers

Diving headfirst into the world of full-stack development, I created a website using PHP, SQL, HTML and CSS tailored for biking enthusiasts in search of their next adventurous ride. The platform features a nifty trip-selector, guiding users to optimal routes based on their preferences.

Steering clear of Bootstrap and building from the ground up, I set out a comprehensive design foundation from the get-go. I challenged myself to find programming solutions that fit the overall vision, rather than opt for the path of least resistance.

Sleep Cycles

Having had a taste of Python from previous mini-projects, I was keen to explore the realms of Java. While I occasionally found myself pining for Python's simpler syntax, I came to value how Java's rigidity can encourage a more structured approach to coding.

With the aid of Android Studio, I pieced together an app designed to help determine the ideal wake-up time, ensuring I dodge those grumpy monkey mornings!

Time Tally

Written in Python and elevating the game with a UI that feels right at home in this decade, courtesy of CustomTkinter GUI. Born out of a genuine need, this calculator was crafted as a practical solution to a daily need: simplifying those pesky timesheet calculations.

A classic solution for a real-world problem, making tallying up work hours at the end of a hard day a breeze!


NON-AI Powered Translator

Dipping my toes into Python, I conjured up a quirky translator app. While it might not rival the prowess of heavyweights like DeepL or Google Translate, it proudly stands out with its vibrant hues and a whole lot of sass.

I embraced the retro charm of Python's tkinter GUI, giving it a nostalgic nod. This one's all about 1337 flair and vintage vibes!



Welcome to my evolving digital space! Here, I showcase a blend of what I love, what I've been diving into, and glimpses of my journey. As this portfolio grows, I'm excited to share more behind-the-scenes stories and reflections.

Do note, it's best experienced on a desktop for now. I'm on a mission to make it mobile-friendly and iron out those quirky edges. Stay tuned!

Meet Lukas

I have always had a good relationship with computers and have grown to enjoy their bottomless capabilities and the occasional blue screen of death. This has spurred me to delve into the world of programming to see what kind of virtual magic I could create.

As a trained architect with a love for building and creating, I've discovered that both architecture and programming require a lot of problem-solving, patience, and attention to detail. The similarities are uncanny, and it's been a thrilling journey to see how these two worlds overlap.

So here I am, on a mission to bring my creativity and design skills to the tech world and face any coding challenges that come my way.

Northumbria University, UK

- MA in Computer Science with AI Since 2023

Robert Gordon University, UK

- Masters in Architecture 2014 - 2016

- BSc in Architecture 2010 - 2013

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